How to make gallery responsive

Hybrid Gallery is fully responsive for all screens and devices. But by default responsive options are turned off. o you need to select your custom responsive options.

Let's make responsive grid gallery.

1) Click on "Hybrid Gallery" button.

2) Select Grid layout.

3) Add images and select options. For example if you've selected 4 columns for gallery, you need to select columns for other screen sizes too.

4) Go to Responsive tab and select:

  -- 3 Columns for <=768px screens,

  -- 2 Columns for <= 600px screens,

  -- 1 Column for <= 480px screens.

This screen sizes are not required and you can set your own screen sizes (e.g. 850px instead of 768px).

And now gallery is responsive.

Official gallery website: https://hybrid-gallery.com