1. Ethereum API Key

2. Getting started with 'Cryptoniq'

3. How to add coin prices to products

4. How to make a Payment

5. How to customize payment coins

6. How to add Wallets

7. How to get License (Purchase) Key

1. Ethereum API Key

Just make a few steps to get your Ethereum API key.

1) Register here:

2) After go to My Account -> Developers -> API-KEYs -> Create Api Key

3) Copy your gererated API, open Cryptoniq Options Panel in wordpress admin, move to Api keys tab and paste it into ETH Api Key field.

2. Getting started with 'Cryptoniq'

A) Install The Plugin - top

After you have purchased the plugin, you will recieve plugin file in .zip package.
To install the plugin, go to Admin Panel -> Plugins.
Click the "Add New" button -> Click the "Upload Plugin" button

After that activate the plugin and start to use it.

B) Install Required Plugins - top

After installing the 'Cryptoniq' plugin, we also need to install 'required' plugins.

Click on 'Begin installing plugin' and install the plugins at next page.

B) Enable 'Cryptoniq' Payment Gateway - top

Now we need to 'Enable' (activate) Cryptoniq payment gateway.

Go to Woocommerce -> Settings -> Payment. Find 'Cryptoniq' gateway and turn it on.

3. How to add coin prices to products

You can add coin calculated prices to products prices. Just need to go Admin Panel -> Cryptoniq -> Prices and turn on 'Show coin prices' option.

You can also select coin, sign (icon or text), and add own divider (between regular price & coin price).

Here how it will look like.

4. How to make a Payment

So let's see how to make a payment with 'Cryptoniq'.

After we selected products, added to cart, we need to move to 'Checkout' page to make a payment.

In 'Checkout' page, we need choose 'Cryptoniq' payment method and select a coin that want to pay with.

It will open a new page with payment box.

Now it says us to send a fixed amount of BTC to some address. In this example (screenshot above) they are:

So we need to send right '0.01393572 BTC' - not much, not less, and not included the fess. Very important to remember, that fees must not be included in price, so we must calculate ourselves a right amount before sending.

E.g. if our wallet keeping '0.0005 BTC' fee, we need to send '0.01443572 BTC' instead of '0.01393572 BTC'.

After we send the required money, need to click on "Yes, I've sent" button and wait the system to find ourtransaction and accept it.

As soon as the transaction is registered on the network, we will see confirmation progress bar.

We need to wait until transaction comfirmation. It requires:

Also it will give you 12 hours for the payment. Transaction must be comleted with all confirmation in given time. In other case payment will be failed.

After all confirmations are done, we will see green bar and system will show that payment is completed and redirect into 'Thankyou' page with order and transaction details.

That's all.

5. How to customize payment coins

There are 4 coins that can be used for payment: BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE. They're shown in Checkout page, in Cryptoniq payment method.

There is an opportunity to remove any of that coins or change the order.

Go to Admin Panel -> Cryptoniq -> Payment and set how you want.

6. How to add Wallets

To add wallets for each of coin, go to Admin Panel -> Cryptoniq -> Wallets.

You need to add at least 10-20 addresses or more. Try to add as much as you can. If your shop is big and you have many buy orders, you need to set many addresses. It will help the system to work more properly.

Multiple Addresses

Of course, there can be some problem with setting multiple addresses for 1 coin for one account or one person.

The easiest way to download original program with blockchain and add addresses there. Or you can use some web services which, allow you to do that, e.g.



Note, we're not giving any guarantee for that services. They're are good services, but were provided just as example. Use for your own risk.

7. How to get License (Purchase) Key

To get your License Key, follow this steps:

  1. Open Envato Account profile page on CodeCanyon
  2. Click on Downloads tab on menu.
  3. Find Cryptoniq plugin on the purchase list and click on Download button next to it.
  4. Then click on License certificate & purchase code (PDF) or License certificate & purchase code (text) link.

That's all. You will find the license key in the document.